Operation Love: Coleman Family

Everyone, meet the Coleman Family!!! These guys are super special for several reasons(and they’ve given us freedom to about um!)…I’ll list a few.

1. They brought along their sweet family dog, Albert…HA! I called him Burt the whole time…he was really funny. ūüôā¬†

2. This mom has her stuff together! She wrangles 4 kids and manages to look AWESOME…I mean..”hot mom check in, what what??!!”

3. Dad…totally IN LOVE with hot mom! These two were worse than teenagers at prom! I LOVE it!¬†

4.These kids were all awesome…the boys..100% BOY! (Rock throwing and all!) and the girls…100% GIRL! (You should have seen them¬†striking¬†a pose..it was so fun!)

5. Last but NOT LEAST (by any means…) this family is so special because they are a proud military family. Their story is one that hits home with me and Anthony because ALL of Anthony’s brothers have at one point or another have served or are currently serving in the military. *side note: Im super happy to say that my brother in law, Joni, just got back from Iraq and we are SOOOO glad he’s home!!* ¬†Mr.Coleman leaves for active duty over seas in a month or so and we are so appreciative of his service to our country! Its families like this…Dads like this…that ¬†keep our country safe and for that we should all be more than grateful!¬†

We had a REALLY great time with this family and even though it was cold as Alaska out…they braved it and it shows! Thanks Coleman family for letting us be a part of your journey and we cant say THANK YOU enough for your sacrifice and service!!! You guys rock! Here are a few of our favorites…