Preview Power….

hi everyone! Happy Monday!!! 🙂 


This week is kind of KA-RAZY so I figured I would take a second to pause for a little blog post. I have a few shoots set up this week…(Im about to run out the door to one as I type!) and then Anthony and I leave this evening to go to OUR photo shoot with MHP…so exciting! We had crap for wedding pictures and this is the first time we have been in front of a camera TOGETHER since we got married, almost 4 years ago! But we are in super good hands so…we’re really excited! Anthony’s already practicing his camera ready smile….you know the one…fist tucked firmly below your chin…mouth open ever so slightly, Gosh I love Olan Mills! 🙂 

I’ll post more of these later, but I wanted to give Abby and Ben a little preview from our session with them on Friday…it was really fun and their newest addition should be here ANYTIME now! She told me if me making her stand up and sit down on Friday sent her into labor, she’d get me a fruit basket… 🙂 This is actually a picture of the little guy they already have…Mr.Big Brother we like to call him…he’s business casual all the way. 🙂  See you guys later this week!

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