Baby: Braxton

Everyone, this is sweet miss Braxton! We did her session this week and let me tell you, she’s one sweet baby! She was so cooperative and just as cute as could be…definitely the kind of baby that makes me excited about becoming a mommy soon! (And I told Anthony I might just have to velcro a bow to Riley’s head every now and then because Braxton looked so darn cute in it!!!) Here are a few of our favorites from their session! 

ooooh and I love me a naked baby! 🙂 little cute legs!

Go Dawgs!

you can see where she gets her bright blue eyes… 🙂 

And this one was just plain funny. 🙂 Her daddy gave her a kiss and she DEFINITELY rolled her eyes…wait til shes a teenager..hehehehehe

Jason and Anna, thanks for letting me hang out with you guys on your day off! You have a cutie pie on your hands and we cant wait to see you guys again this summer!!