Baby:lil Baby Schill

Good morning everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying their Thursday so far. I have a hot cup of coffee and two sleepy puppies by my side so…my morning is great! (Although I threatened to cook Sophie (one of our cocker spaniels) for dinner because she is SOOOOO loud in the mornings after Anthony leaves for work…grrrr. But besides her being all loud and making me get up at the crack of dawn every morning…which triggers a wake up call to the baby in my belly and gets him on the move…Im good.) hahahaah wow…that was random. 🙂 Now back to your regularly scheduled blog post…shesh

You guys probably remember Ben and Abby from their maternity session we did a few weeks ago. Well…just a few days after their session…their new addition decided to come into the world! He is so sweet and so little and it gave Anthony and I both a little panic attack to think about how WE are going to have THAT in our arms soon…and he will be OURS…not just someone else’s that we borrow for pictures. 🙂 The new Schill baby looks JUST like his big brother and he is just as sweet as can be. Here are a few images we grabbed of this new little guy…


He’s a little shy… 🙂 


Okay…all new babies look like lil ole men when they are brand new…I just love this image because his expression is so funny!!!

We love little wrinkled baby feet too.. 🙂 Congrats on being a ROCK STAR during labor Abby, you’re our hero! 🙂 


ALSO, a big ole HOORAY to our friend Becky at Gardenia Floral Design here in Athens! She is a fellow preggers and she was due about 3 1/2 weeks ahead of me and low and behold, she got a surprise on Sunday when her little miss decided to join their family almost a month early! Baby is perfectly healthy and Becky is a CHAMP! All these women who are handling this birth thing like its a box of brownies are making me think that I CAN do this! yippie!