Maternity: Emily & Matt

Everyone, its my pleasure to introduce to you Emily and Matt! They are expecting a little bundle of joy named Lillian in like..well…ANY day now and we cant wait for her to get here!!! Lillian is going to be one of the many ladies that Riley will have the opportunity to hang out with once he gets here and we couldnt be more excited that Riley hanging out with Lillian=Us hanging out with Emily and Matt! This whole play date thing is starting to look REALLY fun! ūüôā¬†

We were scheduled to do Emily and Matt’s session last Sunday…BUT, Blizzard 2009 put a hault on our plans and Im so glad that it did because late last week it turned perfect outside and we had the best time at one of my¬†favorite¬†places in town…MY old¬†elementary¬†school’s playscape! P.S. When we pulled up, I freaked out! I remember it being SOOOOO much bigger when I was a kid…darn the adult perspective!¬†

We had such a great time during Emily and Matt’s session and we cant wait to meet their little miss once she gets here…no worries friends, you’ll get a chance to meet her on here Im sure! Here are just a few of our favorites from our day on the playground…and watch out…Matt’s a pointer! ūüôā We love you Emily and Matt and hurry up and get here Lillian!!!