Engaged: Lindsey & Doug

This couple is so fun! Everyone, meet Lindsey and Doug! We are shooting their wedding in June and we got together yesterday to do their e-session. We got rained out this weekend and Im SOOOO glad that we did because yesterday was beautiful! These two are so funny and we had such a good time hanging out and playing a bit. 🙂 

Lindsey told me that she and Doug were REALLY outdoorsy (???) and loved spending time out in the middle of nature…sooooo thats what we did. What I DIDNT know…was that Lindsey hates bugs! It was really REALLY funny trying to avoid all the little creatures that are starting to come out now that its getting warmer…but Im telling you, they were everywhere! She was such a trooper and we all made it out alive. Whew…it was a close one! 🙂 

After we spent some time in the great outdoors, we went back to Doug’s house to have some play time with their sweet puppies, which you KNOW I loved! Okay, so they weren’t exactly puppies…but they were as sweet as could be and Charlie and Sophie almost tackled me to the ground when I got home trying to smell these pups on all my clothes! Shesh…silly dogs!

Here are a few of our favorites from their session (check out how amazing Lindsey’s eyes were…so beautiful)!!!


Look at this sweet puppy! She’s pretty sassy…stickin her tongue out at her mama and all… 🙂 

We cant wait for your BIG DAY Lindsey and Doug and we want to hang out again asap! You guys are so much fun together and I had a blast yesterday…thanks for sharing your pups with me too!!!