“You’re the same…my candy rain…”


It is with a SAD SAD heart that I tell everyone that one of my favorite 90’s groups…Soul 4 Real…is FOR REAL in trouble. I heard on the news a few minutes ago that apparently 3 of the members, who are brothers, are going to prison for committing fraud and stealing a bunch of money and getting all caught up in some crazy banking scandal. THIS IS SO SAD! I cant tell you how many times I used to backwards skate to their albums or how many baton twirling routines I made up to their songs. I feel like part of my childhood has been ripped away….how sad….


hehehehe. 🙂 

Just wanted to say HI to everyone and tell you that there is a LOT on the way! I have Lindsey and Doug’s e-session, Traci’s super fun session, and Jessica and Jordan’s e-session all coming soon so…hang in there for a few more days and there will be lots to see! Have a great weekend!!