Baby mama update…or lack there of.

Hello friends! So…no baby Riley yet, but Im workin’ on it. Ive been walking like its my only mode of transportation. Ive been sitting on our front porch rocking back and forth at warp speed in our rocking chairs (Laurie told me it would work so…if she’s lying…then at least my neighbors have had a good laugh). The only result I have from any of this is swollen feet…and seriously, how my husband can even remotely think Im beautiful at this stage is beyond me.   I have ONE foot that is HUGE! I mean..for real huge…it looks like my toes are about to get eaten by my foot. The other foot is swollen too…but nothing like the tank attached to my other leg, geeze. 🙁 My fingers have plumped up too…so that I cant wear my wedding rings (including the new diamond band Anthony gave me a few weeks ago!). BUT…in good news..I hear that all of this is a big fat sign that the end is near…so I willingly embrace the chubs if it means Riley is almost here!  And because no blog post is complete without a picture…here is one that Laurie grabbed of me from Amanda and Jordan’s wedding last week. I wasnt allowed to climb on anything or stand on tables or lay on the floor like I normally would to grab fun shots so…I went with the hands over head method. heheheh…geeze!



On another and MUCH MUCH more important note…tomorrow is Easter and Im so unbelievably thankful for what this holiday means. It means that Jesus is risen…that He conquered death…and that He paid the ultimate price for my sins that I would never ever be able to pay on my own. I hope you all have a wonderful Easter and get to spend time with your families reflecting on what that 3rd day meant. 🙂

Now, on a less important note…Im off to boil some eggs and break out the egg dying kit. Anthony gets off work in 15 minutes and doesnt know it yet but I signed him up to help me color the eggs. He’s going to be SOOOOOO excited! heheheeh maybe not…but Im pretty sure if I use the ole “YOU DID THIS TO ME” phrase and point at my swollen feet and belly…it might just work. 🙂