Amanda & Jordan: Married!!!

This ones a Dozier…ugh..I mean Doozie! (hehehehe…okay..thats their last name…guess it’s not that funny. 🙂 ) Get comfy everyone…this one is lengthy! Here is our first wedding of 2009!!!

You all met Amanda and Jordan months ago when we did their engagement session…and if you are like me…you feel in love with them then too! Amanda is not only stunningly beautiful, but she smiles with her eyes, and is naturally as sweet as pie. 🙂 Jordan is just as sweet (and hansom too!) but he is also one of the most considerate people I’ve ever met. These two are perfect for each other and I cant tell you enough good things about them both. Im convinced they are going to have lil gum drop babies one day…you know…all sweet and cute and perfect. I cant wait to get my camera on them already! (no pressure or anything Amanda and Jordan! hehehe )

This wedding was particularly wonderful for me for a few reasons.

1st, this couple is…as already stated…wonderful.

2nd, because when I met with Amanda for the first time she left my studio and called to book me 15 minutes after she walked out of my door…and it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. 

3rd, because being a wedding photographer is an amazing job, but it can also make for a wild and crazy shooting schedule that can put the rest of your life on hold sometimes. Anthony and I found out we were pregnant a few weeks after Amanda and Jordan booked us and I’ll never forget that scary night I had to call and tell Amanda that my due date was right around the time of her wedding and that we would extend a “get out of jail free” card to her contract if she wanted to get someone else for her wedding photography. What happened next made me burst into tears after I hung up the phone and praise the Lord for all of the amazing people I get to work with everyday… 🙂 She said (and I can almost quote it because it’s been in my head every week since!), “Melissa! That is SOOOOO amazing! Im SO excited for you! And I dont care if you show up with a polaroid camera to the wedding, we want it to be you guys and we trust whatever happens to your judgement!” I almost died. 🙂 That confidence in me is what kept me from having my baby at their reception..Im sure of it! hehehehe

And 4th, my wonderful sister friend Laurie agreed to come second shoot for me so we could make sure we got all angles covered for Amanda and Jordan’s big day…see posts below to see how giant pregnant I was if you question why I needed the extra reinforcements. 🙂 

Here are some of our favorites from the wedding! 

*I’ll note  Laurie’s shots in the post…I LOVE shooting with people who think just a little differently than I do…I’ll show you what I mean! 🙂

Here we go…


here’s a laurie shot…she’s great with ninja like side shots… hehehe

I LOVE this next shot of Amanda…she’s so glam…

I love this one too! (dadgum A& camera loves you guys!) Laurie and Katie..thanks for standing on your tip toes holding that flash stand for me…you guys are the best!

okay…here’s what I mean by it being wonderful to shoot with Laurie! We both grabbed these shots in an elevator that are different…but i love them both! Here is mine…

here is hers…

Here is another case in point… I think ” look for the flare…”

Laurie’s thinking, “There’s my silhouette!”

another Laurie shot i love…

now back to me! hahahaahah (boy do these two kiss a lot!)



and the last two images…have nothing to do with Amanda and Jordan…sorry guys! all night long we kept seeing this phone receiver float around from table to table…not connected to anything..just sitting there. We were all like, ” HUH??!!”..and I finally asked and apparently it is like super mystery phone or something. No one knew who’s it was…or where it came from…or even how it go to their table. We were all baffled…??? Here is said phone receiver.

Here is Katie speaking french to said phone receiver…

The end. 🙂 

Amanda and Jordan…we hope you guys had a WONDERFUL time on your honeymoon and we look forward to seeing you at sweet Ashley’s wedding in June…and hopefully for many many more cups of coffee next time you guys are in town. We had a blast at your wedding and couldnt be more excited for two people who have fallen in love to spend the rest of their lives together…we love you guys! 

And for a baby update…yea..he’s due today….nope he’s still not here. He’ll be here soon I know it! 

*and if not, Randi and out for the poor little hush puppie bar at your wedding in May! If Im still pregnant you might need a water hose to get me away from it! heheheehhe