Meredith & Mike: Engaged!!!

Everyone meet Mer and Mike! Oh the stories I could tell about Meredith….eh! She and I go back….WAY back to the semester that Anthony and I got engaged (Fall of 2004!) She was a freshman…I was a 4th year. *(yes I said 4th year…and for those of you dying to know, it took me 5…and a half years to graduate. I couldnt make up my mind as to what I wanted to do!!! 🙂 )* We were in 2 classes together and when we met it was an instant friendship. This girl is FUN-NY and when she called me a few weeks ago and told me that she and Mike were engaged I couldnt believe it! I was so excited and, although I hadnt met Mike at the time,I knew from how she talked about him that he was a pretty special guy.

Mike is Meredith’s calm…her balance…he gives her just as much attitude as she gives him…and in her words, Mike feels like “home.” I told her that when Anthony and I got engaged…that he felt like “home” to me. And Im so happy that she has found her home…*insert girlie sigh here. 🙂

Here are a few from Mer and Mike’s rained out e-session that we did at our studio because it was crap nasty outside…we love you guys and cant wait for your wedding in December!!!