Kelley & Kelsey: Married!!!

They did it! They really…finally did it! Everyone, meet Kelley and Kelsey! 🙂

I have known Kelley for…well…about forever. She, her sister, and I all grew up together in youth group at our old church and I cant believe she is married!!! Holy Moly…how old does that make me feel?! Shesh…

Kelley and Kelsey have dated for ever and been engaged for the last two years so everyone was so excited for their big day. It couldnt have been more beautiful outside and everyone was absolutely beautiful. These two were so relaxed and trusted us to do whatever we wanted in order to grab some great shots. We started with Kelley in the bathroom of her bridal suite. It takes a super rock star to make a bathroom look good and…well..she had NO problem doing that. Stunning Kel, just stunning. 🙂

The rest of the day was wonderful too and I wont bore you with any more chatter and just get to the goods!

 Look at this sweet lil miss! This flower girl was escorted down the isle by her uncle James. 🙂 

Kelley’s parents lovin’ on each other (and if you knew these two…you would know this is not out of the ordinary!)

Looks like Kelley and Kelsey have been watching her parents…heheheh


Congrats and happy honeymooning you guys! We love you and cant wait to hang out when you get back!!!