Jessica & Jordan: Married!

Everyone, this is Jessica and Jordan! You may remember these two from their fantabulous engagement session we had in March…I was super huge pregnant and they were rock stars to be patient as I waddled from shoot spot to shoot spot. 🙂 We had such a great time at their e-session that I KNEW their wedding was going to be amazing…and it was!

Jessica was sooooo beautiful and Jordan looked like a cool cat if Ive ever seen one. The colors were so vibrant, the music was awesome, the food was terrific, and there was a lot of love in that place! Jessica’s aunt even read a story at the ceremony that brought me right back to grade school library time.You know what Im talking about…where you are completely enamored by the story thats being told, watching pictures being painted in your mind and you find yourself hanging on every word. She was incredible and it just made their ceremony even more sweet. 

Jessica and Jordan, thanks for letting us be a part of your super fun wedding. We had the best time with you guys and hope that Spain was absolutely perfect! Now…onto the goods

Side note* Jessica’s dress was all organic…made from hemp and flax and a few other things I cant remember but I have to say…it was one of the prettiest dresses I’ve ever seen!


How cute is she???!!!

At the reception, everyone had a blast dancing to a really fun mix of music…especially Jessica’s dad. 🙂