Meghan & Brett: Married!!!

We shot Meghan and Bretts wedding several weeks ago and I completely forgot to post it!! Shesh! Their wedding was so incredibly sweet and we were so honored to be a part of it. Brett even wrote Meghan a letter before the ceremony that she read as we were starting pictures…it was little things like that that made their big day unique and full of romance 🙂 From the AMAZING music to the “Go Dawgs!!!” run through, this was a  really fun day and we had such a blast being a part of it! OH! And yes…yes they did make a speedy getaway on a golf cart and it was too cute! Now to the goods…. 🙂



I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and come back asap…we are dropping some big news on everyone Monday! Woot! (oh gosh…let me make sure that by big news we do NOT mean we are pregnant again…hahaha Just wanted to clarify 🙂 )