Debi & Todd: Married!!!

Happy Wednesday everyone. 🙂

This absolutely beautiful couple is Debi & Todd! We had such a blast with these two shooting their wedding last month! The attire was stunning, the ceremony was super sweet, and the reception was so chill and full of fun & conversation that their guest couldnt help but have a great time. And we all know that after the party is the after party! THIS after party was at one of my favorite places downtown, Speak Easy! Debi and Todd’s wedding/reception/and party were all about celebrating each other, their friends, and this little place I call home, Athens. 🙂

Debi told me earlier that her son was going to be walking her down the isle and I wasnt sure what to expect…boy do we all know how teenage boys can be.. 🙂 But I just HAD to blog about this kid! He was so sweet and supportive of his beautiful mama that it got me! I just loved how you could tell that he was genuinely happy that she and Todd were getting married. He was so excited about standing by her side and playing such an integral part of her big day. Debi, whatever you did to make your son so wonderful…could you please put that in an excel spreadsheet with bullet points and email it to me with easy to follow instructions???!! High-5 Jacob…you rock my friend!

Alrighty, on to some of our favorites from the day! The wedding and reception were are Foundry Park Inn and in the Melting Point…the BEAUTIFUL flowers were done by our amazingly talented friends at Gardenia Floral Design…and I apologize in advance for the 2 images of this pretty pink cocktail (you’ll see!). Ive had a few cosmos in my day but this was by far the prettiest Ive seen. 🙂 Here ya go!

Debi & Todd, you guys are awesome and have such a wonderful marriage in front of you! Thanks for letting us spend your wedding day with you and for being so stinkin fun! Cant wait to see you both soon!!!