Nicole: Maternity

Hi everyone! Hope your weeks have been great. We have been rockin it over here at MPP and I wish I could say that our weekend was slow but…its not. 🙂 This is one of a few post we will make this weekend so stay tuned because we have an awesome wedding to post later!

If you have seen this blog at all in the last year you will definitely remember this beautiful lady! This is Nicole. In the last year and a half we have shot her engagement, bridal, and wedding! Well, now its onto the next phase of life for she and her wonderful hubs, Cullen…its time for a baby! Their sweet little miss will be born THIS MONTH and we got together for their maternity session just in time! We even incorporated their sweet puppies too so it was truly a family affair. 🙂 Here are some of our favs and stay tuned in the next month to see pictures of the baby when she gets here…we cant wait!!!

Nicole and Cullen we’re super great friends to me because we had a baby sitter MAYDAY situation right before their shoot and they said I could bring Riley with me. He was great…til the very end when he had had his fill of the bumbo and not being able to hold his mommy…here he is being sweet and looking out at Nicole and Cullen’s doggies.

Oh…and here is Riley right towards the end…pre melt down. 🙂 Bless him…

Congrats Nicole and Cullen…we cant wait for play dates for Riley and Whitley! We know you are going to be wonderful parents and we are so excited about seeing your family grow!