Tabitha & Micah: Married!

Happy Saturday everyone! Its almost time for some good ole UGA football and a weekend of craziness so what better time for a blog post right?! 🙂

You all probably remember Tabitha and Micah from their e-session not too long ago. These two are so sweet and in love that it just makes me smile. I met with Tabitha and her sweet (and extremely encouraging!) mama FOREVER ago when they booked us to shoot she and Micah’s wedding. I knew then that this day was going to be amazing. I guess it was in the spring of 2008 when we met and one thing that sticks out in my memory about that meeting was when Tabitha’s mom, Lisa, asked me if we were thinking about having a baby. HAHAHA! She said, ” I know this might sound silly but you are a female photographer and since the wedding is a while away, I just figured I would ask.” Anthony and I had just stared trying for a baby that January and I was FREAKING out inside because my biggest worry about getting pregnant was how our clients would react AND how it would affect my work schedule. Looking back now all of those worries were SOOOO unnecessary (what can I say? I have THE BEST clients ever! 🙂 ) and when we found out we were pregnant with Riley we let Lisa know right away. She was so excited for us and kept the encouragement coming! We just love this family and were so honored to be a part of their big day!

This wedding was full of really cool stuff. From the brooch that came off of Tabitha’s wedding dress that was used to decorate the cake…to the cowboy boot detailing on the grooms cake, to the fruit center pieces…everything was perfect and we couldnt be more excited for these two! Here are some of our favorites!

*side note: her bridesmaids shoes were rockin!