The VanOrman’s: Family

Oh this post is probably going to make me do the ugly cry…consider yourselves warned. 🙂

This sweet family is uber near and dear to my family’s little heart. Anthony has known Curt and Connie for…oh forever. Curt is like another brother to Anthony and Curts mama…well…like a mama to Anthony too. Over the last (almost) 6 years I have been in Anthonys life, Curt and Connie (and Ms.Linda) have taken me in under their family wings and made me feel like I have always been a part of the picture. These people love hard…and they love consistantly…and everytime we see them I miss them more and more. We have even considered moving back to where Anthony grew up, Habersham, Ga.,just to be closer to these guys. BUT, then I realize that there isnt a good cup of coffee or an organic hamburger ANYWHERE for miles and it makes me re-think that move. 🙂 hehehehe

Curt and Connie are not only two of the most attractive and smart people you could know BUT they are also the perfect examples of how beautiful marriage can be and how fun having a family can be. They love these little boys to no end and when the 4 of them are together I cant help but smile REEEEAAAAAL big. 🙂 I was so excited to head up and do a session for them last week. It was so fun getting to experience their family in a new way and I can tell you that these little boys are a handful! They made me laugh SOOOOOO much! I swear that they are little old men trapped in 3 year olds bodies…you’ll see what Im talking about. Enjoy and Curt and Connie…we love you guys more than you’ll ever know and praise Jesus for you in our lives.

Oh this picture makes me laugh…I dont know why but …it just does. 🙂

Did I mention that these little guys are twins. Okay…this shot is sooooo Patty Duke “Identical Cousins” to me..hahahah

Curt…you’re a lucky man.

Aiden and his old man laugh…mmm hmmm

Everett ‘s got some old man in him too… 🙂 Did I mention I could just SQUEEZE these boys!