Maggie: Kid Shoot

Happy Thanksgiving week everyone!!!

We have been slammed and I hate to admit it…but our blog is suffering for it! 🙁 wah wah. BUT, we’re back and have lots more coming to you in the next few weeks! And now on to the goods…Lil Miss Maggie!

I have known this sweet baby’s parents since…well…since forever! I met her dad, Derek, when I was just 19 (a whopping 8 years ago!!!) when I worked at a local music store in college. I then met her mama, Holly, when she stole Derek’s heart. We shot their wedding…we shot Maggie when she was born and still in the hospital…and now this sweet little miss is almost a year and I cant believe how fast this time has gone by. Holly and Derek and expecting again this spring and we cant wait to be there for that as well. I thank God all the time for this family being a part of our lives. I am so excited to see what the NEXT 8 years hold for all of us! So, with no further ado…here is sweet Maggie. (Oh…and YES…she DOES look just like her daddy!)

I had to include these two as well. Anthony and Riley tagged along with me for this one and we just HAD to get these two little friends together. 🙂 heheeeh Boys… 🙂

Alrighty…now Im off to celebrate the holiday & my birthday and spend some good time with my friends and family! Im so thankful for all of our faithful blog readers…for all of my wonderful clients….for my friends who I love very much…and for my family who I could not live without. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!