Rock and Roll…Here we go!!!

Happy January 30th!!!! Today is a great day, because we have been able to select charities for our give away and we are ready to rock and roll. 🙂 Without any unneccessary fluffing in this post…I’ll go ahead and list out the charities we drew! Heeeeeerrrrreeeee theeeeeeyyyyyy aaaaaarrrrreeeeee:

(in the order in which we drew the charity name and in which we will be donating)

(Jan) Mercy Health Center of Athens

(Feb) Meals from the Heartland

(Mar)International Justice Mission

(Apr)Thirst Relief

(May)Loren Smith Breast Cancer Center

(June) Mennonite Central Committee

(July) Safe Alone

(Aug)The Healing Place of Athens

(Sept)Project Adventure

(Oct) The Caribean Christian Center for the Deaf, Jamaica

(Nov)North East Ga. Cancer Care

(Dec)Susan G. Koman Breast Cancer Research

There you have it folks…12 awesome charities that you may or may not be familiar with…but over the next 12 months you will get to know each one much better! Im about to put my first check in the envelope so we can send it out Monday morning and I encourage each of you to take some time to consider all of your blessings! We are so excited to know that over 2010 we are going to be able to play a small part in helping people who need it. Praise the Lord for all His blessings and I pray sincerely that our feeble attempt to help those in need erupts into something really HUGE for our readers and community and even more so for those who benefit from the charities we have selected. Its never to late to give friends and we hope that seeing these charities profiled on our blog encourages you to give too! I have already received emails from several of you that have said you will match our donations or give on top of our donations so…we’re counting on you doing that!!! All that being said, here is our first charity and how/where you can give too!

Mercy Health Center of Athens

(Click on the link above to donate!)

Mercy is actually a charity in Athens that is near and dear to Anthony and I. Tracy Thompson is the director there and I have known Tracy since I was in the 6th grade. She worked at my middle school and her sweet sweet daughter Lindsey and I were in youth group together. Tracy’s heart for those in need is incredible to watch and its more than evident in her actions that she really believes in what she does. Mercy Health Center of Athens is a non-profit center that provides health care for those who have no health insurance and cant get medicaid/medicare. Its all volunteer based and they offer an array of medical services for those that need it. Anthony is actually one of their volunteer pharmacist and I used to do spanish to english translating there prior to Riley coming around. 🙂  Doctors all over volunteer there and it takes lots of hands to run this clinic but I can tell you that many lives have been touched just by Mercy being open. We are really excited to give to them as our January charity…check out there link to see the ways you can help! They need more than just money…they need supplies…they need hands…they need prayers. So, here we go…let the donating begin and remember for those of you that donate too…we’ll send you some fun MPP stuff!

Have a great rest of your weekend everyone and we will see you next week!