Catching up on the good stuff

Happy Monday everyone! I hope your weekend was awesome and that everyone was able to play outside in the wonderful weather! We shot Leslie & Mark’s BEAUTIFUL wedding Saturday and I will say that the weather could NOT have been better. It rained the day before, desolving a lot of the built up pollen and leaving beautiful clear skies behind…it was wonderful. 🙂

So….Im going to double up today to make up for falling behind with our monthly charities. So, Im posting TWO of our charites this morning! No fear, I have made our donation but just never got the chance to sit and blog it.

So….that being said, I am happy to announce that the charity selected for April was the International Justice Misson or IJM as its better known. This organization fights against injustice for victims of abuse…especially children that are forced in to the sex trade industry in LOTS of countries. This is a much more real and prevelant problem that most people would expect and having seen documentaries that IJM has put together and spoken first hand with someone who has worked for them, this organization has my heart. Having riley completely changed my heart for children and I realized that they are so delicate (both emotionally and physically) and that they are to be protected and cherished and loved on…not beaten, abused, used for sex, and left feeling hopeless and alone. The real truth is that Jesus is Hope…and IJM offers Jesus. And they do an amazing job saving these kids and (more importantly) following up with them…making sure that they arent left asking “okay..whats next?” If you are interested in learning more about IJM or want to donate to this organization go HERE or straight ot their website at 🙂

Knowing how busy we are going to be in the next month, Im going to go ahead and post our next charity! The charity for May is an organization called Thirst Relief! Thirst Relief responds to the worlds water crisis. They focus primarily in Africa and South America (and more recently on Haiti) providing clean water for drinking to those in need. Water is something we all take for granted and Im so excited about being able to help spread awareness about this organization! You can check them out or donate HERE…or by going to their website at

NOW…on to pictures… 🙂

THIS is Halston! Halston is our intern, Hannah, boyfriend. We had a blast shooting his senior pictures right here at my house. Hannah did great shooting too and although I’d never met Halston before, he was super easy going and was a great sport about us taking our time with him. Here are some of our favorites…and of course I HAD to grab some pictures of he and Hannah together… 🙂