Shuman’s: Family

I hope everyone had an awesome weekend! So…the weather wasnt great here BUT we did get to hang out with a wonderful couple for their wedding! Lindsey & Andrew will be making an appearance on the blog in the next few weeks so be sure to check in for a few of their images. We had a blast and i love love LOVE when we can get in and dance with everyone at the reception…and did we dance! 🙂 heheheh

Before I continue with your regularly scheduled post, I wanted to make sure to remind everyone that THIS MONTH’S charity is Thirst Relief. I profiled their charity a few weeks back and would LOVE if you would raise your wallets and donate with us. This organization works REALLY hard to get clean water to communities that need it in Africa. Their services are invaluable to the people they reach and with every donation made, more and more water is being given to people who literally could and will die without something we take for granted most of the time…water.

Now, on to todays post! I have known Kristy since..hmmmm….2004..?? She was the head teller at the bank I worked for in college. She was the first actual client I ever had. She was the 2nd model I ever shot. She is my longest client relationship and I feel REALLY REALLY lucky to have her in my life. 🙂 I cant believe her little guy is now almost 4 years old. It blows my mind how time just slips away from you when kiddos come around!

When she called about setting up their yearly session with me she mentioned that her little guy loved trains and tracks and likes being crazy outside, so we hit up some local train tracks and let the boy go free. He ran, and jumped around, and walked all over a tree that had falled, and skipped, and threw rocks, and was LOUD, and did ALL that stuff that little boys do. Regardless of all the “grown up” little boy stuff he did…at the end of the session he wouldnt let go of him mama’s leg and wanted her to hold him…made my heart happy. 🙂 Kristy and Ryan are always so much fun to work with and I cant wait to see what this next year will bring them. My fingers are still crossed in hopes that they will decide to have another baby! 🙂 I’ll keep you updated…hahahaahh Here are a few of our favorites.