Lindsey & Andrew: Married

Lindsey and Andrew’s day was absolutely AWESOME! Not only did Lindsey have one of my favorite dresses OF…ALL…TIME…but the friends and family this crew was surrounded by made for a day full of fun, LOTS of laughter, and really great reception pictures! (man…these kids can dance!) The day started off nice and steamy hot (gotta love Ga. weather right???) with a 60% chance of rain. We were all praying that the rain would hold off and right as we went outside to take some group shots, the sky, every so gracefully, decided to fall out. 🙂 After about 15 minutes of rain, the clouds parted, the seats were dried, and we were able to have a beautiful ceremony under an elaborately decorated arbor at Kimball Hall in Roswell. So…I STILL hold true to my “we’ve NEVER been rained out of a wedding” statement! Woohoo!

I wont fluff this post with any more words because I know that the images speak for themselves, but I will close this post by saying that Andrew loves Lindsey. Not only does he love her…he LURVES her. The entire evening he was beside her. He was there making sure that she was taken care of in every way. He wiped her tears during the toasts. He rubbed her back when she said she was tired at the end of the night. He told her she looked beautiful over and over again. And we couldnt help but blush ourselves when she would look at him either. She knew she would marry him long before their engagement and we saw from the moment we arrived at the Hall that this day was something she had dreamed about for a very long time. Ahhhhh love…we love it. 🙂 Congrats Lindsey & Andrew! We are so excited for you and cant wait to see what is in store for you as a married couple!!!