sweet little faces

Hi everyone! Happy Monday! So….yea…its been a while. We have been really really busy and blogging has taken a little bit of a back seat. This month alone we have 5 weddings so when we add in all of the sessions we have been shooting, a holiday mini session weekend, and I have to chase around my little munchkin while trying to remember all of the old people pills Im supposed to be taking while Im pregnant (ugh yea..the list is loooong! Maloxx, heartburn pills, water pills, and a few others I wont mention 😉 ). So, I ask for forgiveness and promise to get better…promise. 🙂

In an effort to play catch up Im going to blog images from 3 recent kid sessions that we have done. Coming up is Mary and Jason’s reception, 2 maternity sessions, a family session, and 2 weddings. We will get caught up I swear! Here are some beautiful babes for you to look through while we keep on trucking through the day. Have a great week everyone!


She was a premie that has taken the world by storm already! This little miss is going to cause her daddy some trouble when she gets older..I just know it! Shes so sweet and I sure did love cuddling her between shots!


This big boy just turned 1 year old and he sure is a sweetie! His family lives in Iowa and I shot his mom and dad’s wedding back in 2007 there. We loved catching up with this family and seeing how big their little boy is getting!

Lillian & Eli:

And this is Lillian and her precious new cousin, Eli! These two are so sweet together and I cant wait to shoot these two together again! There mamas are both wonderful too and we had such a great time at the park playing around with these little people! Lillians personality is so big and she is such an independent little miss! Eli was full of sweet baby snuggles for his mommy and it made me super excited about having a new little one around to snuggle on!