Harper: Baby Love

Happy Monday! Long time no post I know…but to say my plate has been full would be an understatement. 🙂 We have been chugging away over sessions and weddings and well…life over the last month and my poor little blog has yet again taken a hit from it all. I would love to say Ive turned over a new leaf and plan on blogging at least twice a week about all the fun stuff Ive got coming up, but Im T minus 3 weeks away from welcoming our sweet little girl into the world, 5 weeks away from celebrating our sweet boys 2nd birthday, and 5 minutes away from falling asleep in my chair while sitting straight up. 🙂 Looks like my plate wont get any less full any time soon, but Im super thankful and grateful for that…I love our crazy life and sweet family and my wonderful job and I promise to try to do better when it comes to sharing everything on this blog. With all of that being said….here is sweet baby Harper!

You guys have seen Lyndie and James on our blog…oooooh about a million times so they are old news. 😉 BUT, this fall they welcomed baby number 2, sweet little miss Harper, and I was so excited to shoot pictures of her last week when they came in town for a visit. Their older daughter, Sadie, is a great big sister and Harper is as sweet and smiley as they come. Here are just a few of my favorites from their visit.

  1. Lyndie says:

    Beautiful!! You amaze me!