An update on us!

Oh its been a crazy month for the Pepins…but a really really incredible one. At around 3:30 in the morning on April 6th, I started feeling kind of crappy…and crappy turned into crampy…and crampy turned into “OH GOSH! THIS IS IT!!!” I went into labor. 🙂 By 11:15 that morning, we had our sweet, beautiful, amazing little girl, Reese, in our arms and life felt full and whole. I love her…Anthony loves her…Riley REALLY loves her and everything feels exactly like it should.

Reese is a great great baby. She sleeps well and eats well and only cries when she is really upset. My labor was super smooth and in the end I think that shes taking it easy on me since the last two months of my pregnancy were no good. We are so so happy she is here and couldnt be more in love.

I have been off since the day Reese was born and I dont shoot again until Kelly & Jake’s wedding on May 21st and Im so thankful for this time with my family. And as much as I love getting to just tend to my role as mommy, Im really excited about shooting again this month. All of my gear as been checked out and tuned up by Canon and my first couple Im working with is really sweet and FUN-NY…its going to be a great wedding and I cant wait! Ok ok…Im going to get back to laundry and diapers and baby snuggles…but I figured you guys would all want to see our sweet new addition. **Giant thanks to Courtney Houston for coming to the hospital and taking pictures for us. 🙂