Anna & Robert: Married!

Hi everyone! I hope you are all outside enjoying the awesome (already-hot-and-its-only mid March) weather! We officially start our 2012 wedding season NEXT SATURDAY so now its time to get some new posts up!

**Im super sorry that Ive taken a little hiatus from blogging….honestly, its not my favorite thing. I used to LOVE blogging. It was a place to share my thoughts…our work…keep everyone updated on whats going on in our lives…but I guess its different now. When I first started blogging, facebook wasnt as huge as it is now for business…but now it is…so that changes the game a little bit. I feel like with blogs, its a lot of giving of information and not a whole lot of interacting with the people who read it. Thats why I love facebook…I get to TALK to all of you people who read what I write or share about my business and life…and I LOVE that! But, now that Ive aired my bloggers dirty laundry…onto an amazing wedding and we just LOVED being a part of!

Anna and Robert had a fabulous fall wedding that included the likes of peach preserves and sweet tea. It was a beautiful day in Athens and we had a lot of time to play with this couple and their wedding party after a romantically sweet ceremony at The Botanical Gardens. I dont know the last time I laughed so hard at a wedding, these guys were all awesome! Here are some of our favorites from their big day!!!