Lindsay & Joe: Engaged

Happy Labor Day everyone! Im planning on taking the day off to snuggle my babies and play, but I wanted to keep in the spirit of getting caught up and post Lindsay and Joe’s engagement session. 🙂

Im really excited about shooting Lindsay and Joe’s wedding in November! I have known Lindsay’s sister, Lauren, for several years…and Lauren’s husband and I were really good friends in college. This session was the first time I met Lindsay and she was so much fun! We laughed and talked the whole time…it was awesome! Lindsay and Joe are so sweet and their wedding will be a little bit extra special for me. When Lindsay emailed me about their big day there was a conflict for me with their wedding date. You see, I turn 30 in Nomveber and I decided in February that I was NOT going to let this last year in my 20’s be a waste. I was tired of just doing the same ole thing…not pushing myself to be better (out side of my work), and just being content with ok. So I signed myself up for the Athens Half Marathon with my friend Courtney (who is also my best side kick at all of our weddings…love her!). When Lindsay asked me about her wedding date, it was the day before the Half. I thought about it and prayed about it and realized that I just couldnt do it. I couldnt do both things…and I had already been training for 3 months for this race…told people I was doing it…and been pushing myself like I had been wanting to for years. It was heart breaking…GUT wrenching even…to have to tell Lindsay that I couldnt do it. I love love love my job and REALLY love meeting new faces and growing friendships with my clients. I rarely will put my personal life over my clients needs. For 6 of the 7 years Anthony and I have been married I have shot weddings the weekend of our anniversary. I have shot weddings on holidays and missed trick or treating with my babies or New Years Eve with my family. I do it because I LOVE it and I want my clients to know that they are super important to me. THUS why it was miserable telling Lindsay I couldnt shoot her wedding. After breaking the news to her, I got a response from her that I NEVER expected. She wanted to change her date to accommodate my schedule. SHUT UP! Its only happened one other time before and I got big ole fat ugly cry tears when i read her email. 🙂 So needless to say, their big day is going to be really special for me and I CANT WAIT for it to get here!

We set out to Lindsay’s family’s farm on the other side of Atlanta for their engagement session and I loved every inch of this place! Here are just a few of our favorites!