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Baxter Family


Sarah Elizabeth was an intern of ours for a summer semester and I can tell you that we laughed a LOT that summer! When she contacted me about shooting a mini session for her family so that her mother wouldnt have to stress out about pictures for their family’s Christmas card…I KNEW I was in for a good time. This family is awesome and I cant wait to hang out with them again! Sarah Elizabeth’s sister, Mary, and her mother both ran the AthHalf Marathon that I did in October (oh yea…did I mention that…I RAN A HALF MARATHON in October! p.s. it was as awful as it sounds… 🙂 Just kidding…it was awesome!) and it was fun to get to talk “running” to a few runners. Seriously, these folks are sweet and I had the best time with them. Here are just a few of my favorites from their session!