Diva & Amit: Proposal


I am  SO confused how this post was occupying my drafts folder…I could have sworn I posted it like..FOREVER ago. This was one of my favorite things ever and I could not have been more excited about shooting it!


After meeting with Diva and Amit about their engagement party, Amit called me and asked if I could be a part of his actual American proposal to Diva. Um…YES! I snuck off to Atlanta and met Amit and Diva’s beautiful sisters at the Glynn Hotel downtown, snuck up to the rooftop terrace and waiting impatiently for Diva to arrive. The moment was sweet and private and PERFECT! *Y’all know I get a little emotional some times so…of course I cried a little. 🙂

The cried and hugged and she said YES….and then they were surrounded by loving family and wisked off for a night on the town to celebrate. SUCH a fun time and we are so excited about their upcoming wedding in December! ….now I just have to convince them to take me to India…stay tuned. 🙂