5 years never went so fast!

She’s going to kill me for posting this mid wedding day EWWW picture of the two of us (seriously kids…we sweat…its Ga….just expect it.  )…but I just HAD to!

On May 2nd, 2009, not only did a close friend of ours Randi, from Carry Your Heart Events get married…but I was just 10 days post having my first sweet baby was born and we  brought Courtney on to our team as a second shooter. We had NO idea we would start such an awesome friendship and that the years of us being a dynamic duo would be so many! This woman handles my grooms with humor and grace and just enough sass to make their day awesome. She shoots the dinner time table shots of guests that I hate shooting. She helps me arrange families and helps keep me calm and remember to pray before every single wedding we shoot so that I don’t ever lose sight of where my business comes from and who this whole operation really belongs to. She encourages me…pushes me…and always fights FOR me in my business. She’s part of why MPP has been so successful and I love this lady more every day! From running half marathons to lazy days of eating more cheese dip than any one person should consume…we have conquered it all together and Im so so excited to celebrate her 5 years with our team!