This weekend ended my crazy-mad-dash-little-sleep-wedding-season-craziness….and I loved this year even a little more than the last 8 wedding seasons Ive been lucky enough to have. I have a big ole sappy personal post coming about how life is busy and messy and lovely all at once and how we should treasure every second of it with a grateful heart and a thankful spirit…but while editing a session that I shot for my sweet neighbors, it hit me. My sessions have transformed over the years from being more formal, calm, and “perfect” to reflecting how life really is for our clients. Its chaos a lot of time for families during photo sessions (my own included!) and this shot from last week made me laugh out loud because it sums up exactly how I feel today….sometimes the craziness and movement and LIFE gets breathed into your photos and if you are lucky enough to capture it…you get to remember it forever.