Jessica & Adam: Engaged!

Oh goodness…Im SO over the moon excited about this couple! Jessica was my roommate for 5 years in college (ok…so it took a little longer to graduate…give me a break! 😉 ) and she was the sister I never had but always wanted. Our story is so crazy that it just proves to me that coincodence doesn’t really exist. Everything…everything that happens is for a purpose.

Jessica was walking to her apartment across the street from mine and she picked up a song book that she saw on the ground. She looked around, decided to knock on our door, and the rest is history. We stayed up talking for hours and hours until neither of us could keep our eyes open. We ended up moving in together a few months later and Jess even lived with Anthony and I for a short bit after we got married. We have been through everything together and I love her so so much.

When Jessica started dating Adam I knew that her heart was in the perfect place for this boy to sweep her off of her feet. She was making so many personal strides towards guarding her heart and loving the Lord and making her mind and body better. She was careful and cautious but willing to see where this relationship would go. It blossomed into something wonderful and went from feeling foreign to feeling like home. *sigh. I LOVE home.

When Adam was ready to pop the question, he reached out and asked us to be there…big ole giant brownie points kid. I hated it so much but I couldn’t get to where they were and I had to miss him asking her to be his wife. It broke my heart and made me incredibly excited at the same time. They called me to share the news, I cried, we did a lil’ virtual hug, and started planning their day!

I was crazy excited when Jess asked me to shoot their engagement pictures. These were important and I wanted them to be PERFECT for them. We met up in Columbia, SC at the river walk since it was exactly 2.5 hours from each of us; meeting in the middle. Adam is a goofball and he is kind and loving and adores my friend. Jessica comes alive and has a confidence around him that I haven’t ever experienced in her before. My heart….so so happy.

Their big day is in November and I can’t wait to stand beside her as they say, ” I Do!” It’ll be the first time in 8 years that I won’t have my camera while I’m at a friends wedding and I am ECSTATIC to unplug and just BE with them. Its going to be great.

Here are just a few of my favorites from their session!

IMG_6716 IMG_6725 IMG_6791 IMG_6797 IMG_6807 IMG_6919 IMG_6929 IMG_6934 IMG_6984 IMG_7113 IMG_7132