Kim & Jeremy: Engaged!

I have been SOOOOO looking forward to working with this couple! Kim and I were the best of friends in 5th grade and then middled school…then high school…then life…just took us in different directions and we lost touch. Six or so years ago, I was shooting a wedding for a really awesome couple and – despite I loved my Vegas wedding caterer – I spotted another caterer for the event…it was Kim’s mom! I was over the moon excited to see her and to find out how Kim was doing. Kim’s mom, Joyce, was the first person to take me to church for a mid week kids program. She, unknowingly, set my heart on a path to find Jesus. Which drastically changed my everything and in turn shapes everything about life today. Well…I HAD to tell her. I HAD to let her know that just by taking me to that church program in the middle of the week and dragging me along to spaghetti suppers in that church, it changed my whole life.

So I swallowed my pride, took a few deep breaths, marched right over to Joyce, and thanked her for playing a part in my story. She was so happy and then…low and behold, Kim walks out of the back room…she was working with Joyce! We reconnected and I have had the chance to hear all about her life and the things that middle/high school/college brought her. I have been able to hear about her relationship with Jeremy and how he is strong and stands up for her and makes her his first priority. Ive been able to watch them grown and I am SO SO excited to see their life as a married couple begin this spring. I mean, how lucky am I?!

I was so pumped to shoot their engagement session downtown and all around some of their favorite spots a few weeks ago. Here are just a few of our favorites!

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