Kendra: Maternity + Family

Some shoots are really easy. They are fun and light and just a really pleasant experience for everyone. Then there are those sessions that are really hard. Difficult because there are circumstances that make my heart hurt or feel not-so-fun things and as much as it stinks at the time…it makes me better. It reminds me of why I started this business in the first place. It makes me feel deeper and love harder and want more for my clients. So…its a good thing. As most hard things end up doing, you grow. Even if you weren’t expecting it or even wanting it…you grow.

This sweet family was one of those session. Well…not THIS session…but this family has played a part in my growing.I got a call a few months back to shoot a wedding at one of our local hospitals for a cancer patient that wanted to marry his fiancé before he passed away. They were engaged, new believers in Jesus, 30 weeks pregnant with their first daughter, and getting married was really important to them.  It was a big, heavy project to take on but I jumped on board in a minutes notice and was terrified and excited to shoot this for them. I didnt expect to totally embarrass myself as I fell apart when she walked down the aisle to her husband. I fell apart again when songs she loved were played during the ceremony. I cried all over myself when the hospital staff, family, and friends threw confetti at the first kiss as husband and wife. It was lovely…and although I had wept like a crazy person through the whole thing…it was worth it. So so worth it.

I didnt really get to talk to anyone that day. I left kind of numb and didnt know if I would hear from anyone in the family again. I did though. I got an email from Kendra a few weeks later and she set up a maternity session with us and thanked me for her wedding pictures. I was again terrified and nervous but really excited to see her…but this time was different in such a great way!

On the day of their session there were no tears or pain or sadness…only joy! She was happy and glowing and her boys were SO wonderful. I hope my kids grow up to be like hers. 🙂 This beautiful mother is a Sheriff Deputy, a former Army woman, a mom of 3 amazing boys & a sweet little miss in her tummy, a gentle heart, AND the girl can rock a pair of boot heels like a champ at 35 weeks pregnant! She wins…she SO wins!

Here are a few of our favorites from their session!

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