The Dews: Family

Yup…take two for the Dew family! I recently shot one Dew brothers’ family…Matt & Hope….and NOW I have gotten the chance to shoot another Dew brothers’ family…James & Courtney! The Dew clan is really special to me because I have known them forever and Pat and James Dew Sr. are the sweetest people alive. Last year, Pat and James bought family sessions from me as Christmas gifts to their daughter in laws and Im SO glad they were able to cash them in this year in time for Christmas cards and the leave to change.

I had the best time with James and Courtney! They are going on almost 9 years of marriage ( I think!) and they are so so in love…its wonderful to watch! And they have the sweetest, craziest, more full of life boys around. Asher keeps them on their toes while Eli steals his mama’s heart at every chance he can. We had so much fun and I can’t wait to see them all again! Here are some of our favorites from their session!


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