Katie & Alex: Maternity + Newborn

Katie and Alex are so much fun! I am so excited that I got the chance to work with these two! They have such a great little family that includes a lot of fur babies and now a newborn son, Lex. Katie is a strong woman…wildly successful in her business at Entourage Clothing & Gifts, and now a really really fabulous mom! Alex is gentle and the calm to Katie’s busy/crazy work life, and now a fantastic and loving dad. Im so excited to see these two grow in their new roles as parents and I can tell you hands down…baby Lex is a lucky lucky little fella. ? I realized I hadn’t posted their maternity session from a few months ago so I am posting both sessions now! Katie’s sense of fashion and style is wonderful and I just adored Lex’s nursery! Soft colors surround his crib in his room and create this really peaceful place. We had the best time just hanging out and making Lex feel cozy in his new home and I can’t wait to kiss his sweet head again!

0006 0009 0016 0022 0025 0029 0036 0047 0055 0061 0069 0083 0085 0087 0092 0098 IMG_3773 Oh the milk drunk stretch face is my FAVORITE! I could just kiss those lil cheeks all day! IMG_3782 IMG_3794 IMG_3798 IMG_3816 IMG_3881 IMG_3898 IMG_3900 IMG_3917 IMG_3920 This sweet puppy was primped and ready for her turn in front of the camera too! IMG_3946 IMG_3959 IMG_3963 IMG_3978 IMG_4036 IMG_4042 IMG_4079 IMG_4083 IMG_4135 IMG_4143 IMG_4181 Lex wouldn’t stop crying towards the end of the session and the only thing that calmed him was his fur brother coming and give him kisses!

IMG_4217 IMG_4235