The Van Laar’s: Family

I LOVE this family! Carly and her husband invest in our kids every week through the Awana’s program at Green Acres Baptist Church that our kids attend during the week and Carly directs the preschool where Riley did Pre-K and Reese goes to preschool…we love them! Our church is small and doesn’t offer the larger kid programs and it is so refreshing and awesome to share in the work of the body of Christ with another group of people who want to love on your family and teach your kids about the genuine love of Jesus. *inset BIG happy heart swells HERE* 🙂

Carly and I have had big talks about how fleeting tis time is to have littles at home and how watching them grow is so important. It seems like such a silly statement but I rarely get the chance to just SIT…and WATCH. My days are full of such go-go-go that sometimes at night I grab my phone while Im in bed and look back at photos from when they were born and I just smile because they are getting so big! I loved getting to help freeze time just a little for this family. The funny thing about my job is that I literally get to stop time for just a moment…just an afternoon…for our couples and families…and its JUST as much a priceless gift to me as it is to them. How lucky am I?! Here are some of our favorites from their session!

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