The Garretts: Family

Leigh and Brian are so much fun and their little man, Ben, couldn’t be any more cute. Every year when we shoot these fall pictures I literally stop and just stare at this sweet boy. HOW has time flown by so fast?! Leigh and I were pregnant with our boys together…we cried when we were nursing at the same time (although it was really cute when I went to her house to talk her off the edge of sanity when Ben was first born…you know…because MY kid was already 3 months old and I was a PRO by then! bwahaahahah)…we’ve shared birthday parties and sports stories and freezing December evenings looking at Christmas lights in our pj’s…we’ve gone shopping at 4am on Black Friday and done our nails in starbucks…we’ve made some really sweet friendship memories and I just love this family to pieces.

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