The Kims: Family

There are really few words that can describe how much I love this little family. Becky and I have known each other for years and years. We’ve been through tons of weddings (she is half of the amazing team at Gardenia Floral Design…I just love them soo…) and we’ve seen each others families grow over the years. Becky is the friend that will show up at your doorstep with sushi on a random Monday afternoon. She is the friend that will stop you in the middle of a parking lot before you start a lunch date to wrap her arms around you because she knows you’ve had a hard day. You’ll get a package in the mail and its something pretty or fun that she knows you will love and she sends it over just because. She knows that coffee and chocolate and Toms are the way to my heart. 🙂

Ive been shooting family pictures for these folks for years and every single year it gets sweeter and more fun for me. Elsa is so strong and beautiful and lively…oh and smart…the child does NOT talk like a 5 year old. Nathan is growing SO fast too. With sweet baby blues like his mom, Im telling you to hide all your little ladies because they are all going to fall in love with this little man. And tying it all together, Jason is really the perfect husband and father for this crew. He is strong and confident and gentle and loving and kind. And he hates the warm fuzzies so he would be totally over this post already. 😉

All this to say…I really look forward to December/January every year when we shoot their family pictures. Its like coming home for me and Im usually met at their door by big smiles, a warm (full fat!) latte, and some puppies that are ready to sit in the background while I work with these guys. Here are just a few of my favorites from their session. <3

2015-02-05_0001 She’s been twirling on command for me for 4 years now…this year she just did it herself (She knew it was coming I suspect).2015-02-05_0002 2015-02-05_0003 2015-02-05_0004 2015-02-05_0005 2015-02-05_0006 2015-02-05_0007 2015-02-05_0008 2015-02-05_0009 2015-02-05_0010 2015-02-05_0011 2015-02-05_0012 2015-02-05_0013 2015-02-05_0014 2015-02-05_0015 2015-02-05_0016 2015-02-05_0017 2015-02-05_0018 2015-02-05_0019 2015-02-05_0020 2015-02-05_0021 2015-02-05_0022 2015-02-05_0023 2015-02-05_0024 2015-02-05_0025 2015-02-05_0026 2015-02-05_0027 2015-02-05_0028 2015-02-05_0029 This is not Matt Damon….I repeat…this is NOT actually Matt Damon. 😉2015-02-05_0030 2015-02-05_0031 2015-02-05_0032 2015-02-05_0033 2015-02-05_0034 2015-02-05_0035 2015-02-05_0036 2015-02-05_0037 2015-02-05_0038 2015-02-05_0039 2015-02-05_0040