Lori & Gage: Engaged!

These two…I am SO excited about these two! Lori booked me last spring for their wedding is this coming May and as I have slowly heard about the details of the day my heart has grown more connected to these two and the things that are important to them! Lori is a potter and does landscaping and speaks with such patience and grace that you cant help but be calm in her presence. Gage is in social work and just through a 5 minute conversation with him I could see his heart for people and desire to help them grow. These two move softly and every touch was intentional and when I got in my car to go home after their session I realized I had a big fat smile on my face that I just couldnt wipe off. This wedding cant get here fast enough for me!!! Here are just a few of our favorites from the day! 🙂

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