Welcome Home!

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It’s here….it’s finally here! Welcome to the NEW home of Melissa Pepin Photography!

EEEEEEK! I’m so excited I could just cry! After months and months and ups and down and being stuck at a place (and with a former web template design company, eh hem) for years, I am finally free and I have been able to pour my heart out with my AMAZING website designer, Jami at ImajWorks,  and we have something Im so so proud of calling mine. *sigh…. and it feels incredible.

When I started working with Jami, she really pushed me to take my time and dig into the message I want my website and blog to convey. I talked about a “feel” that I wanted. I talked about colors and schemes and themes and all of it made sense but it wasn’t until I started working with Selena at SelenaAshley Designs on my new logo that it clicked! I wanted somewhere soft and clean and warm to display images of the beautiful people I work with every day. I wanted the experience to feel light…airy…soft…like feathers and air and a warm breeze…and the smell of coffee…like clothes being hung out to dry on a summers day with a crystal clear blue sky….with a few puppy dog and baby carriage shapes in the clouds… like a big ole deep breath and like hearing Lennon and Maisey singing “boom clap” over and over and over again…I wanted it to feel like home to me. And I have no idea how these sweet, beautiful, amazing women I worked with for months building this space did it…but they DID it. And I’m over the moon excited to share it with you all.

The rebranding process has been so emotional for me. Trying to define yourself and your work is really hard but it has helped remind me of exactly how much of my heart, identity, and value I put into my work. At times it hasn’t felt worth it to have to be so raw and open and vulnerable…but then seeing the final product has been more than enough to make me remember the reason God gave me the desire and heart to work with people in this capacity. Remembering is my favorite…and thats what this site is for. Thats what this space is for; little reminders of all the beauties of this world that we get to experience every day.

THANK YOU to Jami and Selena…you ladies are rock stars and have helped me so much more than you know. I love you both to the moon and back!

Dig through, take your time, settle in with a cup of coffee and let us know what you think! **Beware! We have transferred everything we have ever blogged EVER so you may see post from as far back a 2007…heaven help me!  Starting Monday I have a few fancies up my sleeve and you guys KNOW we love giving things away!