Newborn: Baby Colin

Oh goodness this sweet mister will steal your heart if you aren’t careful! This precious little belongs to my friends Mary Ellen and Jason and he makes their little family perfect. He’s already doted on by his beautiful big sister. He is so so loved by family and friends. He is adored by his dad and his amazing mommy’s heart may never be the same again since he’s been born. I think that having a baby (whether you birth it or not) totally changes your perspective on life. It makes things less about you and more about someone else in a way that is exciting and amazing and wonderful all while being completely terrifying. I’ve heard it said that being a parent is like having your heart taken out of you and placed in a little body that moves and runs and wanders around and you have zero control over where it ends up. You can only do so much to protect that heart from danger and all of the messy things of the world…but you’d die trying if it meant that little heart would be safe. For Mary and Jason, their family is their life and man-o-man was it incredible to watch this tiny life grow inside his mommy and be born into the world covered in more love than any one would think possible. We love you baby Colin…welcome to your story.


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