Winding down the summer

Happy Monday guys! Tomorrow our sweet babies start school and I’m over here REAL confused as to how summer flew by so fast. I feel like this summer was full of weddings and sessions and prepping for our big anniversary trip last month and now Im blinking and asking where all 11 weeks of summer for my kids went. Although we didn’t get a family trip to the beach this summer like we usually do, we did do a lot of special and fun thing together (6 flags, movies, day trips, etc), As anxious as I am that they  both start school tomorrow (preK and 1st grade), I KNOW this year will be fantastic for them. I just know it.

This weekend was one of my first without a wedding since March and I loved getting to snuggle and school supply shop and spend time with my littles. These days seem like they are slipping away fast and I just want to hold on to them as long as I can. Riley lost one of his front teeth yesterday and now I can’t help but stare as his sweet little goofy smile whenever he talks…it’s literally the cutest. **pardon the iPhone picture but seriously…how cute is he? And WHY am I so excited?! hahahahaha

I’m really excited about this fall. Fall for me feels more like renewal than spring, which I know is weird but I love it. It’s when rest and calm become my focus and somehow my heart gets realigned with the things that I value the most (my family, our friends, spending time with people, pouring into those around me,etc) and I’m ready for it. I’m ready for cooler weather and mid day coffee dates and reading my bible on our back porch and (gulp) even football.  I’m ready. Summer, you have been wonderful and fun and given us the best of you this year but its time for you to go now. And Im ok with that. 🙂

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