Where do YOU find inspiration?

Im often asked how I stay inspired in my work. Creatives in general feed off of each other a lot and its not a question I mind answering…but I am not sure I always give the answer people are looking for.

I have heard a million TED talks (and they are incredible!). I have been to countless conferences and workshops and meet ups and gatherings and socials…I could give a list of all the places I have sought inspiration all day. But in the last year I began to understand so much about myself and the way that I learn and process information. Figuring out how I hold on to information has changed how I seek things that inspire me. For me, it takes things that I can see and feel and tangibly hold on to to make me to move…change…grow.

In my work, connections with people are what bring me the most inspiration.  I want to connect with peoples hearts and not just with their checkbook. I NEED that connection and relationship. Whether it be with a couple or family, vendors, or other creatives…I need that connection. There is a real difference between a “high-five-I’m-there-for-you-if-you-need-me” type of relationship and a “lets-dig-in-our-heels-and-get-messy” kind of relationship and I want the latter of the two.

I want to challenge you to reassess where you find your inspiration. Where are you prone to go to find things that encourage you? Is that space making you better or making you feel small. You were not made for small things my friends. The best way to grow and change and keep getting better is to fix your eyes on something that makes your heart beat fast, your palms a little sweaty, and takes you right back to that 6th grade lunchroom where you stood at the end of the line, looked around the cafeteria, and thought, “I’m nervous but here goes nothing.” Jump friend. Its ok.

Here are a few things that have inspired me this week.


My children’s faces.


Flower confetti.

Snuggling couples.

Baby toes.


Holding hands with my husband.

Group texts with friends.

Slobbery dog kisses.

I said coffee…right?



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