Baby Scarlett: One Year Old

When Natalie and Drew contacted me about shooting sweet baby Scarlett for her first birthday, I was more than happy! This little doll baby was so smiley and happy in the fall when I took their family portraits and I knew she was going to be equally as happy this time around! She was so cuddly and had the best time exploring all over, getting her hands and feet nice and dirty, eating peaches, and having cake for the first time (this child is my spirit animal…I am convinced.#eatcakelikeaboss). Goodness, I could squeeze her all day long. Her beautiful big sister Anna joined us at the end of the session for some cake and we called it a day with lots of family hugs and laughing. Later that evening, I found out that Natalie owns a company in town called Tulip Magnolia Design! She showcases her beautiful water color designs in print, fabric, wallpaper, and so much more. Check out her shop…I might be obsessed.


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