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My story started this spring when I was having a REALLY…repeat…REALLY miserable time dealing with all of the pollen that Georgia was blanketed in at the beginning of Spring. It started much earlier this year than in years past.. Normally its mid March before my car is covered in yellow dust and misery, but by early February it’s almost like our state realized we never actually had a winter so we might as well stop faking it and get on with the next season. Shesh!I was battling all the problems pollen can bring and after finishing off another handful of over the counter pills to try and calm my symptoms, I decided I was done. I just was over…all…the…medicine.

Medicine is incredible. Its life saving and it not only cures aliments but it ACTUALLY provides for my house hold because my husband is a pharmacist at one of our local hospitals. My respect for medicine is extremely high but I knew that my tendency to go straight to the kitchen cabinet and grab ibuprofen every time I had discomfort or pain just needed to stop.

I grabbed my phone and contacted a friend who lives out of state and told her I was ready to listen. She had been using Young Living essential oils on a regular basis as a permanent staple in her life since she heard about them from her Instash cashier last year. I knew that if they worked for her…they could work for me. I ordered a Premium Starter Kit from her and after it came in the mail, I went right to work. She and my friends gave me a handful of recipes to use to combat the crap. She gave me resources online to search through that pointed me towards preventative care options that were amazing. She gave me a hand to hold as I went on a journey with these oils that made me feel like a crazy witch doctor on the outside…but like a million bucks on the inside.

Three weeks went by…6 weeks…12 weeks. I’m now a little over 5 months into my story with oils and I can’t even express how grateful I am for them! Not just the oils, but the chemical free beauty and cleaning products that Young Living offers are amazing too! I never thought we could afford to live chemical free, but when you stop spending money on things that are made with junk you can’t even pronounce and started replacing them with clean options that are safe for your family AND work just as/if not more effectively…the money is balances itself out. Y’all…there is makeup. And I’m in love with it. #signmeup

I never intended to fall into oils…I actually resisted for several years. But when they work they work. And when God softens your heart to something bigger than yourself, you just need to walk through the door He’s putting before you. After I got my kit, three of my very best friends and I decided we wanted to work together and build something really beautiful that would reflect each one of us (together were like Capt. Planet! 😉 )and the work God is doing in our hearts.  We wanted to build a business together.  We wanted to be able to pour into women and not just lead them to wellness but lead them in sharing their own stories with others.We have created a team of a few hundred amazing ladies who love Young Living’s oils and reflect a spirit of giving and encouragement that makes me emotional just thinking about it.  This is legacy work for me. At my core, the things that make me most excited, things that make my heart race, and things that make me feel alive are educating and serving people.  My photography business has given me the chance to do just that for the last 12 years. My new oils business allows me to educate and serve too and I’m so thankful that I get to love on people with both my art AND my heart now!  Our community is small…but mighty and if YOU are curious about how these oils can work for you…I would love to help!

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  1. Victoria MacDonald says:

    Hi Melissa:)
    Love your story! I’m a Young Living member, too. I heard about your perfume book. How dominant get a copy?

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