Im grateful for…

Oh sweet friends…once Nov. 1st comes,  I turn into a Christmas JUNKY. Not because I don’t think Thanksgiving isn’t important but because Christmas makes me SO happy. The sounds, the gift giving,  songs, colors, cold, JESUS, the gift giving, the food, the JOY, the decorations, did I mention gift giving? I love it. One thousand times over, I love it. So to prepare my heart for all the joy that Christmas brings for me…I want to focus on the things I am thankful for right now…right in this very moment. I feel like so many of us spend years of our life waiting for the next thing or living for the “when I” rather than pausing to see the goodness of the place we are currently. 2018 has been a doozy on my heart y’all. All the things I thought were solid and safe for years fell apart and I was left in a season of uncomfortable change that has left me a little more wide eyed and aware of every single person and every single thing in my life that brings me life or brings me pain…and I’m not going to sit in the worry or want for this season. Instead, I want to have laser vision for what the Lord has trusted me with and steward it well…appreciate it greatly…and be utterly grateful that this life I get to live is one that has been picked just for me. <3


Today I am grateful for my family. All of them. My momma, grandma, cousins and aunts/uncles who I don’t see often enough and I have sister/brother in laws that I love so much but live so far from…so today I am thankful for my beautiful family of 4 + all of our people.

*and my beautiful friend Ashley Scobey makes my family look so beautiful at the top of this post. The pictures of my sweet babies below I took myself.




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