Continuing in gratitude: My adventure is oils

Today I’m so extremely thankful for Young Living & my oils community!

Probably not surprising but y’all…I am SO thankful for all that saying YES to little bottles of oil has done for my heart. I am so grateful for my team and all of the resources we have available that have taught me quickly how to use and experience the benefits of oils for myself! I am eternially grateful for the women who are running along beside me as we grow our businesses. I have been lead by some really outstanding women who push me to know better and do better with a gentleness and genuineness that I only dream I can replicate to my team one day too. Oils have changed how we do every single day at our house and being able to take care of my family with clean, SAFE, amazing products gives me the biggest peace of mind. I am so so grateful.

If you are curious at all about essential oils, I would LOVE to be your resource…your “oil lady”…all the things! Our team is incredible and I’m here to help you start exactly where you are. No experience needed. 😉  You can pop over to my oils site here  or go straight to Young Living here!


*and a HUGE thankful to Liz at Lovely Little Stock for making images so so beautiful and easy! .

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