Sitting in silence and 100% ok with it

I have grown to love something that I used to hate: Silence


This one sounds so silly but for years silence scared the crap out of me. Silence meant being alone…which sounded like a giant kick in the face because being alone meant being lonely. The older I get, the more I realize you can be in the middle of a crowd of people and be the farthest thing from ALONE but still feel completely lonely so…that kind of wrecks my “silence means loneliness” theory. For the last few years I have been overwhelmed by noise. Insufficiency, worry, fear of lack, not feeling settled, stopping and starting over…all LOUD noise. BUT, in the Lord’s sufficiency, I have come to love the quiet. It allows a time for my head to talk without distraction and I’m so thankful for the clarity that has come from allowing myself to slow down and rest in the silence.

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