Seasonal relief on the go: Backpack edition!


Seasonal Relief Roller
5 drops lemon
5 drops lavender
5 drops peppermint
5 drops copaiba
fill with coconut oil
*roll under nose and down neck as needed

Ok, how cute are these rollers?! I am obsessed with them. They fit perfectly on a kids backpack or attached to a hobo wallet or purse and they are compact enough to put in your pocket too! I recently did a wellness fair at my kiddo’s school and it was so much fun! I brought these rollers and plenty of oils for them to try because this particular blend is SUPER helpful for seasonal support for my family but the oils in this combo are also really amazing for helping start alert and focused. Citrus oils…help me stay awake and refreshed, basically they also keep me focused! Lavender helps me relax and feel super at peace. Peppermint will CLEAR ME UP and keep me alert and does all the things! But when I combine these oils they become a super power I use to combat pollen and all things seasonal that make it hard to breathe and can honestly just make spring (and fall!) miserable. We have ZERO time to sit inside and take a million medications and be woozy headed for a whole season so…this blend is life!

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